CoVid-19: Lenze at your side through the crisis.

Lenze takes the risks arising from the CoVid-19 pandemic very seriously. We are making all necessary arrangements to protect the health of our employees and fellow human beings while remaining capable of acting in view of the dynamic pandemic developments. We want to assure you that we remain a trusted partner and dedicated to maintaining continuity in our service. Up-to-date information on all topics relating to CoVid-19 and, above all, on our measures to mitigate the detrimental effects of the corona crisis on our and the business of our customers can be found here.

It is of utmost importance to Lenze that everyone stays healthy and safe. So, we are focusing now on digital platforms and our virtual offer. To stay in touch with our customers, business partners and interested parties, we will step up our virtual presence and provide digital platforms as an appropriate substitute for the lack in personal touch points. In the meantime, please take a few minutes to review the information collated on our dedicated LogiMAT landing page. Here, for example, you can register for a virtual tour of the fair, guided by a Lenze expert.

Further information on all topics related to factory automation is also available in the Lenze Newsroom.

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You can rely on Lenze even in these difficult times! We continue to do everything in our power to support our customers and partners in the corona virus crisis and to be available to them without any restrictions.

Maintaining production in our worldwide plants and our service is a crucial contribution to this. Our operations in China, for example, are continuously returning to normal, and our production in France has also resumed operations since April 6. On the other hand, we can see that global logistics will continue to be under heavy pressure. Thanks to our ongoing dynamic adjustments to our supply chain strategy, we still do not expect any disruption to the supply chain, but due to the current global dynamics we cannot rule out time delays in transportation.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do we stay in touch with our customers, business partners and interested parties?

We believe in the power of partnerships. Being there for our customers and business partners in challenging times is one of our biggest assets. This is in line with our mission as an international family company, protecting the health of our employees and society, providing the reassurance expected as we continue to move through turbulent times.

It is one of Lenze's key strengths to navigate customers through the challenges of digitalisation. Now we use this advantage to strengthen you for the coming weeks and months with our expertise in machine automation. We will continue the dialogue with you switching to virtual meetings or the more traditional communication method of e-mail or telephone. Let's set the course for the future together!

How does Lenze react to the postponement or cancellation of trade fairs, conferences and specialist events?

Major events such as trade fairs and exhibitions are no longer taking place due to the latest developments and have mostly been postponed.

Please refer to the websites of the respective organiser for the most up-to-date information regarding the current status. Lenze also publishes the events and trade fairs in which we plan to participate in our Newsroom - Events section.

Trade fairs, exhibitions and other public events are an important platform for Lenze to engage in dialogue with existing and new customers. As a company that has digitalisation anchored in its portfolio of products and services, we will also offer flexible and creative solutions to ensure that this dialogue continues at the familiar level. Analog and digital - we will continue to serve all points of contact with our customers and intensify our activities in the online arena.

Please visit our social networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter to review topics such as digital engineering.

Up-to-date information on the supply chain

Lenze reassesses the global delivery situation on a daily basis and is doing its utmost to keep the impact of the pandemic on our customers and business partners as low as possible. Due to the increasing dynamics with which CoVid-19 is spreading worldwide, we cannot foresee how the overall situation will develop. If there are delays in delivery due to the recent tightening of restrictions, particularly in Europe, we will inform any affected customers immediately.

Which measures is Lenze taking to remain able to act?

As soon as the first restrictions due to the virus became known, Lenze prepared a thorough risk assessment in order to give clear and valid statements regarding the supply capability. Within this framework, a worldwide team with experts from the areas of supply chain management, quality and operations is collecting all necessary component demands and is continuously evaluating their availability. To proactively counteract possible bottlenecks, we closely monitor the supply situation and activate alternative sources in the supply chain.

Where can I get precise information as a Lenze customer and business partner?

With 60 locations worldwide, we are close to our customers and business partners enabling contact at any time. If you have specific questions about certain product groups, please contact your Lenze representative, who will be happy to help you. You can also find the contacts in the global presence section of our website.

How does Lenze protect its employees from CoVid-19?

The health and well-being of our employees is Lenze's top priority. We therefore adhere strictly to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and local governments, and keep our 4,000 employees around the world continuously informed about all topics and developments relating to CoVid-19.

Our main goal is to slow down the spread of CoVid-19 and, in particular, to protect older people or people from risk groups with pre-existing health conditions. Compliance with precautionary hygiene measures, such as not shaking hands, but also the widespread availability of information on the correct handling of suspected cases of CoVid-19, play an important role in this regard. For the time being, business trips will not take place. The same applies to business meetings of any kind. Working digitally has been a permanent feature of Lenze's everyday working life for years. In order to maintain a close exchange with customers and business partners, we will now make even greater use of virtual conference tools and practice “social distancing” in order to protect our society.

General information about CoVid-19

For detailed information about CoVid-19 we refer to the resources provided by national and international organizations and public authorities:

Regulations and restrictions differ from country to country.