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Shop for the best lip stains online at Clarins Singapore

What are lip stains?

Lip stains are well-known in the beauty industry as a lip tattoo, and are lightweight, long-lasting and very pigmented. While lipsticks are made with waxes and oils, lip stains are mostly water-based, designed to enhance your lips’ natural colour while being long-wearing and smudge-resistant. They’re often available in pinkish or reddish tints.

How do lip stains work?

Water lip stains have more long-lasting colour properties than lipsticks. Water absorbs easily into the skin, tinting the outer layer and making it more resilient to smudges.

Benefits of Clarins lip stains

Looking for a plant-based colour lip stain? Clarins Water Lip Stain is known as the ultimate kiss-proof lipstick, lasting up to 300 kisses without losing its gorgeous colour.

Choose from seven pretty colours, all designed to accentuate your lips’ natural shade in a seamless matte finish. The colour intensity is entirely customisable, depending on the number of coats you apply. Its lightweight texture melts into your lips like water to lend a barely-there feel. The best part is that it stays on for long hours without constant retouching.

Clarins’ lip stains are specially designed with plant-based ingredients that benefit your lips in the long run. Infused with Raspberry and Aloe Vera, this lip tint also softens and protects your lips from dehydration. Raspberry contains Vitamin E, known to accelerate skin renewal and hydrate dry lips. Apart from moisturising lips, Aloe Vera also contains soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to apply lip stains properly

First, layer your lips with a nourishing lip balm for extra moisture, then gently apply a lip primer to keep the colour on for longer periods of time. Finally, apply the Water Lip Stain. Its tiny brush applicator allows for easy application and convenient control of colour intensity. With lip stains, it’s important to remember that less is more. Because of their watery, translucent texture, you can apply them in layers to achieve your ideal look. Be sure to allow each layer to dry completely before applying the next coat. Layering also helps the product to stay on for long hours.

Experts advise starting at the centre of your bottom lip and working your way outwards. Some women like their lip stains fully sculpted and defined, while others prefer something blurred and hazy. If you prefer the latter, the trick is to paint and blot. Allow the lip stain to sit for a while, then gently press your lips together or blot off with a tissue.

Once you’ve attained your desired intensity and style, finish off the look with a sheer lip gloss or lip balm.

Thinking of buying lip stains? Shop our plant-based lip stains here.