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Understanding base make-up products and their purposes

There are several face make-up products you need in your beauty pouch because each one plays a role in enhancing your features or concealing blemishes. Always start with a primer as your base make-up to prep the skin for your foundation. The Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer smooths away pores, wrinkles and fine lines in under a minute.

A concealer is one of the most essential face make-up products ever invented. It’s the secret to diminishing skin blemishes almost instantly. If you want to conceal your dark circles, lighten your complexion or erase signs of fatigue, the Clarins Instant Light Brush-On Perfector helps to disguise shadowy areas and hide blemishes in one quick stroke. It also doubles up as a highlighter.

Face foundation products are necessary to achieve a flawless complexion. The Clarins Skin Illusion SPF15 is loved for its lightweight texture that glides easily over the skin to provide an ultra-natural finish. This face foundation also promotes hydration while protecting your skin from harsh UV rays.

Your make-up isn’t complete without a blush. For a healthy glow, try our compact Joli Blush. Available in several pigmented shades, each tint lends your cheeks a rich, rosy boost. This Clarins powder blush make-up also smooths your skin.

Dust a layer of Mineral Loose Powder over your face for a clean, radiant finish. Apart from mattefying your complexion, it also helps to protect your skin against dehydration. Finally, spritz on the Clarins Fix Make-Up setting spray to secure your make-up in place throughout the day. It’s also packed with Aloe Vera to deliver moisture so your skin stays supple and gorgeous for long hours.

5 tips to avoid make-up disasters

Cakey concealers and uneven foundations are just some of the common make-up mistakes to avoid. One of the important rules in cosmetics is to use the right make-up tools.

For a flawless and full coverage, apply your foundation with our Multi-Use Foundation Brush. Crafted with soft synthetic fibers, this foundation brush works for all types of foundations and concealers including liquid, cream and powder. The Blush Brush is great for applying blushes, highlighters and bronzers. Its angular tip makes it easy for sculpting and strobing.

Be sure to use a setting spray for perfect make-up throughout the day. Without a hydrating spray, it’s easy for your make-up to melt or cake up.

It’s important to follow the right sequence when applying your make-up. For instance, you should always use a primer before the foundation or concealer, not vice versa. Applying the foundation or concealer without a primer will only result in cakey, uneven make-up.

Speaking about foundations, a typical make-up mistake to avoid is choosing the wrong shade, which could make your face look significantly darker or lighter than the rest of your skin. It’s safer to get a colour that’s closest to your skin tone.

Finally, try not to cover your entire face in concealer. Focus only on the targeted areas of concern, such as blemishes and dark spots.

How to apply make-up for beginners

New to make-up? Not to worry. Once you understand the basics, the rest of it is simple. Before applying your primer or foundation, be sure to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin to prep it for your make-up routine.

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