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Clarins Singapore: Mascara

Mascara is like the magic wand to your eyelashes – all it takes is just a few strokes and you’ll instantly have fuller, thicker and longer lashes!

Clarins Supra Volume Mascara guarantees intense volume and colour to your lashes. It opens up the eyes and adds character to your eye make-up, so your lashes appear longer and thicker, thanks to carnauba and cassia flower waxes. If you’re struggling with sparse lashes, don’t worry, as this eye mascara is enhanced with a Volume Booster complex that actually thickens bare lashes with every application. It has also been proven to improve lash volume from root to tip.

In fact, customers have reported a significant volume increase of 17.6% after 4 weeks of usage. Get yours today before it’s gone!

Many Singaporean women have to deal with their mascara running or smudging in sunny Singapore. Don’t worry, we have just what you need to keep your eye mascara in place.

The Double Fix Mascara is a dual-purpose, weatherproof top-coat that prevents your mascara from running throughout the day. First, apply the Supra Volume Mascara, then layer this transparent gel over the mascara for extra protection. Clarins Tip: you can also use this to groom unruly brows.

If you’re keen on buying eye mascara online in Singapore, do visit our website.